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The Best Bluetooth Helmet

best Bluetooth helmet

What was once reserved for bearded ‘hippiesque’ leather-jacket clad biker gangs is now fast becoming an extremely popular activity around the world. Motorcycle riding offers uninhibited thrills. You conquer new terrain, feel the wind on […]

The Best Engine Support

best engine support bar

The other day, I happened to stumble upon a very interesting article that speaks about Auto scams. These are not the typical ones where you receive an email (most probably sent out from Nigeria) stating […]

The Best Portable Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor Pump

The air compressor pump is one of the most essential tools in any workshop, be it an industrial one or a small home DIY setup. From spray painting to using it in your woodworking to […]

The Best Fan Clutches

best fan clutches

The dog days of the summer have got a new meaning now. The temperatures are shooting through the sky and preparing to beat the heat is the only option at hand. This is the time […]

The Best Engine Hoist

Best engine hoist

If you are reading this, then chances are that you are either a DIY person looking to tackle their first restoration job that involves removing the car engine or, you are a professional who has […]

The Best Steering Shaft

best steering shaft

The steering system is one of the most fundamental and essential systems in the working of any car. Even the slightest fault in one can make your driving uncomfortable. Not to mention that it is […]

The Best Hood Louver

Best hood louver

As temperatures begin to touch record highs all around the globe, the term ‘hot rods’ is starting to sound more literal because your car is getting heated up more than ever. If a long drive […]

The Best Rocker Panels

Best rocker panels

There is nothing more debilitating for a car than rust. And rust on your rocker panel is the imminent sign of huge expenses coming your way if it is left unattended. Despite taking the best […]

The Best Front Fender

Best front fender

For people in the car restoration business, the term ‘fender bender’ has to be taken literally. For they deal with their share of bent fenders every single day of their business. Despite having an innocuous […]